Thursday, March 23, 2006

Busy busy.

Ok so I noticed Slashdot viewers decided to check out the blog, because there was a sudden upsurge in traffic.  

The kicker in all of this?  I was either on a business trip, or busy doing errands to really keep up on the blog.  The consequence of my deciding that it wasn't that often "viewed" is that right when I decide to slack a little it starts to get noticed.  Yay.

The reason for this post however, is because it was noticed that I syndicated some Digg content.  It was mentioned that my blog was a "real" blog with some Digg stuff mixed in.  I appreciate the flattery of being called a "real" blog.  However the point is a very good one, some people just seem to go to Digg and click "blog this story" and take the digg story and just re-syndicate it.  This I have nothing against either.

People that digg for stories and catch some of the really good stuff that just gets passed by, also help with the whole concept of social bookmarking.  Someone might find a particular story very valuable and it could have very well gone onto frontpage Digg-dom, yet it just got passed by or too many stories got submitted in the same timeframe.  Either way, I never intended my blog to be a re-syndication, but rather an avenue for people I know to see what kinds of stories I'm into.  Either way, thanks for the attention, I'll try to keep up with the Diggs and my own posts.

A bit of reciprocal linking, here is the Slashdot story here.


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