Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rant on healthcare.

At hospitals there is this way that you should base your charges.  Take the cost of providing the service, the relative cost value, and base your charge on a certain multiplier against this amount.
Say, there's a procedure that COSTS about 50 bucks to perform.  Most facilities will charge double that.  Nice margins huh?  Not really.  They charge this much to cover all the possible losses against people that don't pay their bill, malpractice, and other tertiary costs.  For example, an emergency room patient that never pays their bill.  The nurse still needs paid, the electric bill needs paid, and the equipment still had a cost.  So, in essense, hospitals subsidize their loss accounts with those that pay.  It's how they have to stay afloat.

Well look at Medicaid, oh what a wonderful gub'ment program.  From experience at my current job, we get reimbursed way less than our cost value.  What does this cause?  Us to subsidize MEDICAID patients across non-medicaid patient accounts.  Now this is never done intentionally, but when a facility looks at their revenue, this is where the inflation comes in.  Thanks a lot uncle Sam, wanna help?  DON'T HELP!!!


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