Friday, March 10, 2006

A whole day and no update?  Shame!

I apologize for it too, I've been in a medicare training yesterday and today sigh.

However, 60 minutes ran this absolutely ridiculous show on hospital billing practices and I have been asking to be able to post the AHA's response, and bring to light a few of the ethical practices our facility has in place to help people out.  

They just presented it in such a negative context, like they're out there to just NAIL hospitals.  The reality of it is, yes there are some bad apples out there but it's not like it's presented.  It's no different than any other industry in that yes occasionally there can be some real jerks screwing it up but for the most part people try to work hard.  That, and what other industries are out there where the business purpose is to improve one's physical health condition?  What other businesses exist out there that don't exist for the purpose of a profit, yet serve 24/7 and handle anything that comes their way?  

I don't know, it just irks me.  I look at what we strive for, and how hard we try to please people and stuff like this just comes up.  More on it soon, I just don't want to end up one of the many fired bloggers for posting about their employers :)


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