Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Inane Dvorak quotes.

Proof that Dvorak just says crap and that his insights really are no better than the couple of 4th graders speculating about what kind of PS3 games they'll see on the Wal-Mart shelf in the next year.

Just take a trip down memory lane, then recall what really ended up happening...then enter into a state of confusion as to why people still listen to this guy.

While a Mac OS running on AMD chips could be made proprietary to Apple hardware, it wouldn't take much more than a fix to go after the entire spectrum of Windows users.

I can't say that Apple has the gumption to pull off such a coup. We'll see. But the fact that Jobs called the Mac a PC may be a clue.--John Dvorak 3-6-2001, back when Jobs called the Mac a PC for no other reason than that Mac's ARE personal computers..

Source article.

Next one is good.

More important for Apple, the OS could check to make sure it was running on trusted hardware that was specific for it. The OS could see that it was running on, say, a Dell, then report the violation to the Apple police or, more likely, simply not work.

There is no question that this would be a boneheaded move, and as I see more and more chitchat about the possibilities, I'm now convinced that this is all a publicity stunt and the Apple community is being used—once again—by the company's marketing department.--John Dvorak 8-8-05

He must have had a memory lapse on the article above or he's just writing to that flavor of the week demographic hitting his columns. Either way, the article was interesting...for pure baseless speculation.

This one is really good.
The Taligent fiasco was unraveling amidst a series of inconsequential Apple CEOs who ran Apple like a tire company. After they nearly tanked the operation, Steve Jobs was brought back to add some flair, but underneath the glitz the new Mac was still the old Mac. OS X, with its underlying Unix kernel, an update. The new kernel was necessary to better manage today's networked multimedia.--John Dvorak 6-17-02

Ok seriously, how does anyone take this guy seriously? OSX, just an update. Wow, only in name. But then, expecting abstracting from a guy who doesn't seem to have long term memory is a but much. Here's that article.

He also goes on to say that we're in a "one chip conundrum". This is pretty out there.
The desktop scene had entered stasis with two platforms and two processor camps. But Apple has changed stasis. We still have two platforms, but we have only one processor camp, which means that eventually there should be only one platform, since all the software for both platforms will be usable on both platforms. However that turns out, it will ruin innovation.--John Dvorak 2-13-06

Whoa hey there, one platform? Funny it seems that Linux has been gaining traction. Maybe you mean hardware platform, but he does specifically mention the software being usable on "both" platforms so really it's just one...yeah that makes sense...whatever. SCORE another inane article for Dvorak!

What makes it really inane? Because in this article, which was done back in '04 he says Linux is more significant than the Mac.

The Mac platform is essentially stagnant. That becomes obvious when you look at the declining market share numbers—not from research firms, but from the W3C, which monitors online activity. As of December 2004, the Mac share as measured by online activity is 2.7 percent (Linux is 3.1), with all the rest going to various flavors of Windows. I'm now convinced that this stems mostly from Apple's inability to make the Mac a commodity computer by pricing it to compete with PCs made inexpensively in China and selling with razor-thin margins. Here are the reasons Apple can't sustain its position.
Also he remarks

You see the results. Market share for the Mac is crap.
Last two quotes, John Dvorak, 12-28-04. If what he said is true there, then the Sun Sparc market was more significant than the Mac, which means there was really THREE hardware players. Read this article here.

So fellow readers, how have we stomached this guy? I think he just tries to "say cool stuff". As one Digg user "atdigg" put it, "Dvorak style: let's fling sh** to the wall to see if it sticks."


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