Monday, April 03, 2006

More Healthcare

So the strangest thing happened today. My boss emailed this reminder to check into this newsletter from Medicare in case we need to change anything. I trundle over to the newsletter and start digging into it and formulating my response to it. In responding to it, and stating my concerns/suggestions for what we should look into it occurs to me that I sound just like one of the instructors for a Medicare seminar that we recently had. “For our ER claims I think we need to make sure we’re billing one unit instead of time that they were in ER. I also noticed that for patients who stay past midnight, we need to bill those accounts for the day they admitted.”.

I also looked at inhalation drugs and made a response of something to the effect of “Are we
doing inhalation drugs? If we are, we need to make sure we’ve got these new G-codes”.

While I am very glad that my head is finally getting around this stuff it is starting to strike me just how well it’s starting to sink in. I didn’t think I would get this far in this short a time. Look for my next healthcare article soon. Enjoy the digg stories!


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