Monday, April 03, 2006

Steve Jobs, architect of the Vista delay?

This guy makes the case that Steve Jobs has leveraged Apple's own platform into inspiring Microsoft to perform a truly great blunder. Microsoft copies, we all know this and it's historically fact. In essence, by working very effectively Apple has caused Microsoft to feature creep themselves into their current situation and it seems to be working brilliantly.

Here is an excerpt

"Sparked by Apple, the traditionally stodgy business company now wants to be a fun company and sell you fun toys -- an Xbox, a music player, a video player, a home entertainment system -- and have an OS that supports all the cool digital life integration things that Apple's iLife does. But to do that, Microsoft must make grotesque engineering compromises in its OS."

Which it has, it's taken a compositing engine and built it from the ground up using the "DirectX" way, and it's attempted to do what a Unix back end already does - help with security. Yes there will always be one huge uncurable gaping security hole - the user. Outside of that Unix/Posix systems keep their stuff pretty tight. I have to say, this may be far fetched, but it is plausible. If this is the case then bravo to Apple for covertly sabotaging their competitor in the worst way possible.

This is much the same way id inadvertently killed Daikatana, by coming out with Quake2.

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