Monday, May 01, 2006

No immigrants day - great, less economic drag to deal with.

First of all, if you are of hispanic, or otherwise descendant of a particular nationality that is known to take offense to unpleasant critique, move on. This is a largely logical, but irritated post that is not directed at other nationalities but rather illegal immigrants. I am NOT racist or prejudice against ANY nationality/race. What I AM biased and prejudice against is people that illegally work and VIOLATE the laws. If you are offended by such logic, too freakin bad, I don't care. I hope that illegal immigrants find this post inflammatory, because you need to understand just one thing - you are all criminals.

Do we perhaps need reform? Do we perhaps need to change our immigration policy and make it easier for people to legally work here? Those questions need to be answered, but alcohol and controlled substance laws need to be observed before they can be changed.

Let me illustrate a major drawback to illegal immigrants.

Bypassing minimum wage affects national GDP and it also affects taxes. You are for one short changing yourself because you could potentially be making more money. If you are making a decent wage, you are dragging the rest of us down in your utilization of public services. If you use any federal service, or any public assistance you are STEALING from us tax-paying citizens in this country. You are also shafting other hispanics/oriental/african americans who got their work cards that pay their taxes. A nation and state does not function without collecting revenue, and we have laws about immigration for that very reason. If you work in this country you also need to pull your weight. I see no responsibility to people that violate law and steal resources.

So, you're going to go a day without working? Fine by me, stay at home too and don't partake in any government funded resources except the INS and then the job center. I am fine with you people coming here to work, but work at our playing level. It's not your country and these are not your rights until you follow the law.

Oh, and on another note to the hispanics that want the national anthem in spanish whom are also illegal immigrants. Learn english, it's the official language and the majority of us like it that way. Secondly, start flying American flags instead of Mexican flags. It's insulting to the rest of the people that provide you with money.
If it weren't a few agreements I signed in order to blog, I'd be displaying a picture of the Mexican flag with a big middle finger. The audacity that you people display is in-line with the stereotypes that already exist. Don't like these rules? Kindly stay out then. I make no bones in branding you as criminals otherwise, and will back this reform with my vote - which counts. Yours does not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who's nothing close to 'hispanic', I'd just like to point out that the very first sentence in your post contains a sweeping generalisation about a whole ethnic group of the world.

I'm sure you could try to argue for that groundless premise all day, but that doesn't even matter.

What does matter is that the opening statement of this post is for several reasons definitively prejudiceD.

I just thought that you might like to think on that, read it back, and gather how farcical it is to follow by saying you're not prejudiced.

6:25 AM  

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