Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Senate deals blow to Net neutrality

Yes this is the big story going about the internet.

I'm afraid that I cannot any longer support the conservative stances anymore. I support the effort in Iraq, healthcare, and some of the energy policies of conservatives.

There is the matter that came about when 9/11 happened. Before 9/11 we were transitioning funding from social services and unneeded government programs in an effort spearheaded by conservatives to reduce the size of government. After 9/11 the conservative mouthpieces such as Rush, Reagan, etc championed that we must affirm and assert our liberties rather than give them up. Rather than wait for the democrats to increase the size of government, the conservatives took away from the social service programs in order to fund their new bloatastic homeland security department. The net increase in the size of government was larger than any prior efforts of democrats and the result was a loss of liberties.

Now they attack our liberties on the internet. The problem with shooting down net neutrality is that it allows the purchasing power of the consumer to exit the equation of internet policy dictated by telecoms. This is business to business, not business to consumer. What ends up happening is that there is no way for a consumer to "pick telco's" that don't tier their services with content providers or rather, websites in general. With the purchasing power of the consumer removed from the equation this allows very unfair and destructive business practices.

Indeed, much like the FCC's decision to allow consolidation in the radio broadcasting business this locks out smaller content providers from being able to gain traction by design of the system. This means original and new ideas from smaller business on the internet are automatically locked out by their small capital and inability to compete with the larger content providers. This also will mean more pay sites for general content and the restriction of ideas and free speech.

This horrible loss infringes on the very thing that caused the internet to be the forefront of human accomplishment and knowledge sharing and the improvement of our species as a whole.

With the recent moves by republicans I only have one thought. If they need to lose to get the message, then lose they must! This coming from the staunchest republican supporter during the various

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