Friday, July 21, 2006

Forgetting something???

Yesterday's steps ended at 7169.

Todays were 6797.  Though I must admit I shorted myself quite a few steps.  The bus today drove me right to the front door of the hospital.  It was a very nice gesture of the driver that it would have seemed rude to turn down.  Besides, on other occasions I'd have gladly welcomed the opportunity to be driven to the front. 

Today was a far better day than its predecessor.  Yesterday I was lethargic in the dealings of my personal issues and today I was lifted up quite a bit.  It's always very nice to see those who recognize sadness and darkness respond in kindness and uplifting gestures.

In any case, the end of an interesting week.  The main reason I hadn't blogged much is that I worked 4 ten hour days and had a very uncomfortable bus to ride in.  Given that it doesn't react well to bumps I have had to keep my laptop safe in the backpack as opposed to just letting the hard drive crash on the 900th bump in the road.  In any case, catch everyone later.

Oh and Maryland SUCKS for ever having enacted a law mandating higher employer contributions to premiums in the first place.  It ruins the free market's system of balance.

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