Monday, July 10, 2006

Thus begins my journey.

I have acquired a  pedometer today and will be documenting in a diary as part of the wellness program.  Not bad, it's a rather nice one to be had for $10 amongst other goodies that the facility kindly provides as part of the wellness program.  Since I feel guilty for neglecting my blog, and part of the goal is to document a log of your steps taken every day....why not blog it. 

It's really simply, you get a pedometer and the program is called "10k a day".  Cheesiness aside, you shoot for 10,000 steps taken, or rather 5 miles.  To achieve "balance" and "wellness" they also encourage that you log it every day and just write like a journal about the day.  This makes some sense given that at my prior job with Colorado West Mental Health, it was said that "writing about your life events is cathartic" and thus encouraged especially when challenged or stressed out.

So, here goes....

Right this particular moment I do not have wifi access as I am on the bus.  My pedometer is not registering bumps as steps, and as of this moment I am on step number 3623.  I didn't get the pedometer until around 10 today, so I missed my steps from the house to the bus stop, and then from the bus stop in town to the hospital.  We'll see this evening about how many steps I may have missed.  Also we'll see how many more there are in the morning vs evening.

The obligatory "this is what work was like" section.  Blah.  It wasn't a bad day by any means it was just an odd one.  We had several goals to which we are to meet.  One of which is delegating a task list of the billers.  It was more of a "who's opening the jar, whom is holding the butter knife, who is performing what" type of analogy with billing to making a sandwhich.  We accomplished getting that done.  Pretty uneventful day, no new weird healthcare regulations....etc

As far as personal stuff, that's yet to happen.  When I get home I imagine I'll check digg for interesting stories, perhaps CNN perhaps a few other sites.  I've actually been getting into Descent:Freespace's OSX port or rather the SCP project's port of the Freespace 2 engine.  It's actually very impressive what they have done.  They've taken an old game, added some glowmaps, some shine maps, and are delivering a very compelling visual experience to the old FS games.  What's most striking is that as playing a very souped up version, it looked just as good if not better than the pre-renders for the intro to Freespace: 2.  At some point I'll throw out some screenshots once I've tweaked my settings appropriately and are comfortably playing through the game.  Again, most impressive is how they've updated the visuals. They really are different games now, and worth taking a look.

The other perk is that it's completely free and legal to download the actual game content, not just the source.  While it's not a GPL license, it still reaks of "cool". Cool, as in, Bungie releasing the sourcecode for Marathon and then going the extra mile and just making the content freely available type of cool. Truly a liberated game, that is now able to transcend it's original time and conception and become something beyond what it originally was thanks to the efforts of the gaming community. It's really nice to see. If you look at the comparison of Aleph One versus the original Marathon, not just in visual but also control and the multiplatform aspect of it - Marathon is probably ten times the game now then what it was originally.

This is what all developers should aspire towards. You can't really fault id over Doom either, because the shareware version is practically its own entire game. Quake and following, however, are different stories. The point that id simply just releases freely for all the original content to Doom and Doom2, they will have reached the aforementioned "coolness". Kudos to them for at least releasing the sources though. I'd like to see EA do one altruistic and genuinely good thing for gamers along those lines. Wing Commander anyone? I forgot though, EA is run by the same guy who previously ran Clorox. All we are to expect from EA by that logic is a stinking caustic substance by a corpulent corporate body that takes the color and brightness of things, like employees for example.

Anyhow, enough rambling.  This post is getting a bit long in the tooth.  I'll update with my final figure on steps later tonight when I goto bed.

Looks like I topped out at 5484.

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