Saturday, July 22, 2006

When you make up for it...

We seem to have some real bastard neighbors.  I was asleep but my wife reports that they were awake partying with loud music and laughing outside enough to wake up the kids.

So, thinking I have to make up for my step count, was out at 7am with my lawnmower.  I figured it was time to go ahead and mow the lawn and also mow out in the driveway and take care of a few large weeds.  This had the added bonus of adding to my steps ontop of our normal weekend track workout.  I took my sweet time with our loud lawnmower as well.  I knew the mission was accomplished when I saw a very irritated neighbor walk out with a scowl, see me, then turn around and go back inside. 

I hope that every cycle of the engine reverberated in his hangover headache too, stupid jerk.

So my steps ended up quite high, 12,689.  I would have to say I'm quite satisfied.  Thanks neighbor :P

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