Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You have steps.

So this is my third day, and my daily bus ride update.  It seems I am up to 8017 already.  I just might hit my 10,000 steps today, we'll see.  It's another 1200 steps from the bus to the house, and if I decide to walk around at all this evening I'll be good to go.  Actually, I was wanting to mow the lawn, that will help considerably in achieving that goal.  All it will take would probably be an additional 500 steps on a short walk and I'll be there.  If I can do this everyday I'll probably feel a lot better.  Saturday and Sunday - gotta get my walk in. 

Today was a meeting day.  There are certain operational aspects of my work I am bound by confidentiality agreements and via HIPAA privacy requirements, but I will say that it was nice to be able to contribute.  My boss had me sit in on meetings that involved some pretty influential and hefty decision making that needed to be done.  It was a very nice gesture to include me in these meetings.  I really like being able to contribute to this place. 

For home, the wife and kids go to church on Wednesday evenings.  I'll probably just be mowing away at the lawn so we'll see how that all goes.  We'll hopefully be able to get the house a little cleaned up as well. 

I have had the pleasure in my computer endeavors of trying out an N64 emulator with the laptop/gamepad combo.  SixtyForce was the emulator I tried, and it is near flawless.  Actually running in high res mode really improved the game, and there are only very negligible glitches in the speed emulation.  The "speed limiter" function seems to do a very admirable job.

I suppose that's going to be it really for the update today. Not too much on my mind other than just wanting to kick back and listen to some music on the way home. By the way, I seem to be really into electronic stuff lately. Blue Stone has some good stuff out right now. I also have listened to a bit of Imogen Heap's stuff. Not bad, very trance-like in some of it. I've also of late been listening to Pharcyde's "Runnin". The beat intrigues me, and the lyrics aren't bad. Not my usual type of music though.

10850 is the number of the day...good night.

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