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Battlestar Galactica iTunes users, read this about season 3.

This post is surely to be deleted from the BSG Scifi forums, but a user was intrepid enough to do some serious digging and found the person apparently most directly responsible for the absence of BSG season 3 going to iTunes.

I have copied the entire post as follows from this location. As in Terminator 2, "The person most directly responsible for the holocaust is"......

OK. I have done a little digging and Homework. Here is what I suggest...

First if you can not be diplomatic then do not read any further...

I have found the person responsible for the Digital Media for NBC. Her info is...

President, Digital Media and Market Development, NBC Universal

Beth Comstock was named president of Digital Media and Market Development in December 2005. She is accountable for driving NBC Universal’s digital strategy and leading the company’s content and distribution efforts to capitalize on new and emerging digital platforms. Her responsibilities also include strategic marketing, research, communications, and advertising and promotion. She reports directly to Bob Wright, vice chairman of GE and chairman and CEO of NBC Universal. " (NBC's website)

The phone number for NBC in California is 818-777-1000. Before you spin up your mouth's FTL drive, read the rest of this...

Ask for the Digital Media and Market Development Group. If they can't find it after just a few moments say "That's Beth Comstock's group". Until they catch on, you will be transfered right away, (I was transfered in less than 20 sec.). When you get a HUMAN BEING. Ask for Beth or her assistant. With Regards? "I would like to discuss the Digital Media and Market Development Group's intentions toward Apple iTunes and NBC's customers. I would also like an explanation for the current delay with regards toward the availability of Battlestar Galatica season 3 on iTunes. I would like to suggest that the video source for the current week's episode be sent to Apple iTunes for processing ahead of time so that it is available shortly after the final airing of BSG on Friday's Sci Fi Line-up."

If they can't help you ask for Bob Wright, (her boss and CEO of NBC), or someone better equipped to assist you directly in this matter because you, nor anyone else looking for assistance with this, has gotten a response from any NBC affiliates since the episode's expected arrival time on iTunes has passed sometime ago."

DO NOT BE IMPOLITE!!! Be as professional as possible and as calm as possible. Explain CALMLY why you can not view BSG on Sci Fi at it's usual time and why you rely on NBC to use the iTunes service. If the Digital Media Group can't help you, (which they should because its THEIR department), keep asking who you need to talk to to resolve this issue. Do not let them off the hook easily. Pin someone down for a suitable answer of some kind. DO NOT BE IMPOLITE. BE CALM AND PROFESSIONAL. If they give you the name of another person to talk to ask nicely to be transfered after you have written their name and number down.

At some point they will catch on and just stop answering the phones, rolling the call to voice mail. When this happens LEAVE A MESSAGE! "Hi, I am calling with regards to NBC's and Sci Fi's show Battlestar Galatica season3 on Apple's iTunes. (Do not abbreviate! Execs don't know what BSG means!). I am calling because I have written to the feedback sections of your customer service department several times and have not yet received a reply of any kind fron customer service for several days and have not seen a suitable resolution to the Battlestar Galatica Season 3 on Apple's iTunes situation. Please call me back with regards to this at (and your phone number). Thank you for your time and assistance."

Let's get as many people as possible to call Tuesday and Wednesday. If only 50 people call one assistant and get no where someone will hear that there is a ruckus that needs looking into.

Report your results here ASAP! Good Luck!


Blogger jritchie7734 said...

This answered all of my questions and gave me action items, too. I have been searching (in vain) for months for information on this issue -- an issue that appears to be a huge marketing gaffe. Thank you for this post.

Joe Andrews

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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