Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ripping and encoding your movies for iTunes

One of the things I really enjoyed about iTunes 7 was the movies obviously. While many other users have covered in great detail the aspect of buying movies, it also works just as well to rip a movie that you like and encode it into an mp4 file for itunes.

The neat thing is...iTunes will take an mp4 video and automatically categorize it into its movie section. From there it's just a matter of choosing some different album artwork for it and you can even enjoy the coverflow browsing. Nothing to it.

Ripping and encoding via MactheRipper and Handbrake was easy enough, iTunes even made it simpler to import the file.

Now you'll notice that it simply grabs the first frame and makes that the artwork used by Coverflow. While in this case it works, if your dvd collection consists of Columbia-Tristar movies you'll get the exact same cover artwork. Thankfully it's easy as can be to just grab a file of your choice.
As you'll see it's just finding your cover art, saving the file, and using the "get info" menu of the movie file to add your own artwork.
Then we have the right coverflow look...
And now we have the best Batmobile yet doing its thing. This is one of my favorite movies by the way.


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