Friday, March 09, 2007

Apple rumors - someone needs to get real.

I made this post solely to point out an old Digg story I saw. It was at Digg and I must say some very constructive comments came about there about how pointless it truly is to say Apple is coming out with product X when it's entirely conjecture that's unverifiable.

I bring up this rant because I saw I, Cringely's article about how Apple is supposedly going to launch hardware H.264. While this is entirely plausible, I really don't care. I might find it useful for doing video editing, but in all honesty my CPU's are plenty fast enough for the task. The other thing is that we have no idea where the author got the rumor. Hence I reference the aforementioned link about creating Apple rumors. Cringely may be using this as a ploy to generate traffic, or it may be true. Whatever the case it's asinine. Dell could just as soon launch such technology in a kneejerk reaction to Apple's speculated move (however unlikely...check that...VERY unlikely). So now we're going to see news sites link to this article saying it's news and in turn other news sites call it a verified story which has a high probability of fizzling in the end.

Stop giving this crap such attention, if Apple reverse engineers the entire human genome then great. This is tantamount to inventing a self perpetuated fraud case.

I guess Digg users truly do forget all too quickly, like goldfish.


Blogger bgfay said...

I agree that it's pretty annoying when gossip gets picked up all over the place and reported as news.

That said, Cringley is right about these things more often than a lot of other people I've read.

7:15 PM  

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