Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fix health care. Raise taxes? Are they insane?

Fix health care. Raise taxes:
John Edwards says we need to raise taxes to fix health care, and you can bet that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will eventually say so too. Their red-blooded Republican foes will counter that raising taxes is always and everywhere evil, because it hurts the economy.


ARGH! No do NOT raise taxes to fix healthcare. If anything LOWER taxes, reduce entitlements, and move the government OUT of healthcare. Many providers are challenged by the increased entitlements given by the Medicare program due to one simple fact: Medicare often reimburses providers less than the costs of the services, and they have to take outrageous contract adjustments to meet the contracted rates. Thus HURTING the providers that participate. Now Edwards wants to make the problem worse!

Simple fact: Hospitals and Doctor offices that accept Medicare subsidize the losses taken by Medicare accounts across the rest of their accounts. The electric bill needs paid, the nurses need paid, the coding staff need paid, the maintenance guys need paid, and of course the doctors need paid. If all they got was paid by Medicare/government, the money coming in would not be enough to cover the bills and salaries. The solution is to reduce the ability to serve patients and gut their staff to a bare minimum overworked skeleton crew.

The way it works now is that everyone can get paid by the sources that DO pay. This is why your health insurance premiums are going up all the time, our wonderful Medicare and Medicaid systems.


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