Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Review: Apple appalls where Xbox excels (AP)

Review: Apple appalls where Xbox excels
This undated screen shot shows Heath Ledger in a scene from 'The Four Feathers' from Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, played on an Xbox 360. Screen shots of details from the movie “The Four Feathers” demonstrate the difference in sharpness between a movie from Apple’s iTunes service, played on an Apple TV, compared to the same movie from Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, played on an Xbox 360. The movie has the same nominal resolution, 640 by 480 pixels, on both services. There are also high-resolution versions of some movies available on Xbox Live. The movies were displayed on a 46-inch LCD TV, to which the Apple TV and Xbox 360 were connected with component video cables. The screen resolution was 1080i. (AP Photo)AP - Apple Inc. has graced the public with another smooth, white, exquisitely designed gadget, this time aiming at making it easier to play iTunes movies and songs on the living-room TV set.

This ended up being a really good article. I also agree, the itunes videos look horrible when you scale up the res because they are barely (and even arguably) dvd resolution. Why in the WORLD did Apple even BOTHER with the pitch that the AppleTV was a high def device when there is NO HD content?

Then they move on to the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Long name, but the quality is great. Fantastic actually. Even the pilot episode of MacGyver was encoded with minimal grainy artifacts. The files are not gratuitously large and the video is as crystal clear as they could make it, both in HD and SD. For any tv shows available via the 360, that's my choice over iTunes any day. I'll stop chattering and vote with my wallet.


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